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  • My wife and I visited the Rural Life Centre in July on their annual home event known as Rustic Sunday. It was a lovely fine day and I settled my wife, who was struggling with incurable liver cancer, on a chair adjacent to Chantal's Revelations in Metal stand while I went in search of cups of tea.  On my return my wife expressed an interest in a particular item on display which was a sample of an urn for cremation ashes internment. This she said was what she wanted. She had previously mentioned that scattering them in some field or chucking them in the sea were not options (she was a very brave and at the same time humorous lady). Six weeks later she died. I called Chantal and after some very pleasant hours of discussions we firmed up on a design. The product is unique and quite impossible for me to describe other than it is beautifully machined in  both steel and brass and has been “distressed” by very clever processes to achieve a look befitting its purpose. I keep the urn in my home and it is a great comfort to look at such a beautiful piece of “art” and to remember the good times we had together. Mike Farnham
    My wife’s final wish.
  • Her work is shit hot
  • I asked Chantal to make copies of some cast iron brackets from a Victorian optician's cabinet.  The replicas she made were so convincing, that it is almost impossible to tell them apart from the originals. She was also able to achieve this at a very reasonable price. I would have no hesitation in recommending her. David Farnham
    Reproduction Brackets
  • Chantal made a beautiful bottle stop for our wedding present. The quality of work gone into this is outstanding. You can tell a lot of love, time & effort has been spent on it! It was such a lovely, personalised gift that we will always cherish. Harrisons Maidstone  
    Bespoke Wedding Gift